Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare
October 2008 - March 2009
Consulting for Information Builders

Developed Proofs of Concept, one of which was used in the decision of using WebFOCUS to go forward with a major project, to show the capabilities of WebFOCUS to a user community who under estimates the capabilities of WebFOCUS which:
• Alleviated some of the negative opinions held by some personnel at HPHC regarding WebFOCUS.
• Provide a fully functional and easily maintainable GUI using the WebFOCUS GUI and the text editor.
• Create multi-page PDF documents, including multiple tables and graphs, from a single WebFOCUS GUI.
• Produce better graphs then the user community thought were possible using WebFOCUS.
• Create objects which can be easily embedded into Microsoft Word documents which are easily created and maintained by a novice Microsoft Word user with no knowledge of WebFOCUS.

Completed application that:
• Tracks all reporting statistics for 600+ users in 60+ domains and an easy to use GUI.
• Provides detailed and summarized views of data captured from the IBI Report Analyzer tool in multi-graph / multi-table displays.
• Captures all associated data relating to the reporting collected in another system.
• Provides an easy to use launch page for users multi-selectable requests.
• Provides detail and summary of report inventory, and associated report information.

Created Standardized Development Templates for WebFOCUS applications which:
• Are the framework for a more consistent structure of future code.
• Are designed to integrate any of the common modules already in production use.
• Significantly reduces the turnaround time in WebFOCUS report development.
• Simplify the development of 80% +/- of subsequent WebFOCUS requests.
• Result in more easily maintainable program code.

Provided mentoring to on-shore & off-shore Application Reporting Team, including:
• Best practices and why they are important.
• Advanced functionality and capabilities of WebFOCUS.
• Implementation of and adherence to corporate standards and importance of doing so.