Here's some HOAX Checking sites... Just the tip of the iceberg:
* My personal Favorite: Urban Legends *
* MicroSoft * Computer Incident Advisory Center * US Army * Industry Standard * internet-101 * * CIAC *
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Excerpt from CIAC: Recently, we have been hearing of spammers (bulk mailers of unsolicited mail) harvesting e-mail addresses from hoaxes and chain letters. After a few generations, many of these letters contain hundreds of good addresses, which is just what the spammers want. We have also heard rumors that spammers are deliberately starting hoaxes and chain letters to gather e-mail addresses (of course, that could be a hoax). So now, all those nice people who were so worried about the poor little girl dying of cancer find themselves not only laughed at for passing on a hoax but also the recipients of tons of spam mail. You can read this complete article by clicking here.

PLEASE HELP US ALL!!! most people get way too much JUNK email and need to cut down on the amount of email they receive... But anyway, with all the other functions we do on our computers, reading email often falls to the bottom of our list of things to do.

Did you ever wonder how these Bulk E-mail CDs with millions of addresses on them get all their addresses? Well, I'm glad you asked. It's by, amoung others sources, people sending junk mail 'TO' or 'CC' a whole grunch of addresses - instead of 'BCC' (That's for 'Blind Complementary Copy' - which is available on AOL! AOL users: Enclose your 'CC' list in parenthesis). Or, by sending bogus, YES BOGUS freebees. Bill Gates really won't give a whole bunch of money away by something HE never authorized in the first place. Yes, I know there are attorney endorsements included in these emails which states that Bill will do as He said he will. And I belived that Bill will do what he said he will - BUT Uncls BILL never said he would do THAT in the first place!

Please check these things out before you send them. And remember TANSTAAFL!!! That's one of my favorite acronyms. My kids learned it as one of their first words. What's it mean? Again, I'm glad you asked. There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch!!! If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Quite often someone says (in support of sending out stuff to 'everyone') what do you have to lose? Well, If it's not obvious, You've got your email address to lose to the Bulk Email List Collectors, time and expense on mail servers, extra expense for everyone to use the internet to offset the cost of superfluous email traffic.

How many of you got or sent out any of the following? Promises of money from: MicroSoft (Bill Gates), AOL, Gift certificates for Chacker Barrel, Victorias Secrets - just to mention a few.

So, Please do not use our address in, what I call, 'Bulk Email Distribution'. Whether it's in the 'CC' or 'TO' list. If you don't know how to use 'BCC', or what it is, please ask someone. Let me be the first person to ask you to ask me.

Sincerely Yours,
Douglas E. Lee
and the FamiLee

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